"Over the past few years there has been tremendous interest in seeing the Kingdom Series of books come to the big screen. So I am excited to announce that we are beginning that journey!" 
- Kingdom Series Author, Chuck Black

"A Pilgrim's Progress for an Xbox generation! That's what Chuck Black has achieved in his Kingdom Series, an allegory of the whole Bible told in a medieval format of noble knights and scathing sword fights, quests and dragons, betrayal and final victory by the true Prince over the Dark Knight."
- Dave Jackson, author of the Trailblazer novels

"Take up the sword handed to you and boldly carry it through the pages of Chuck Black's Kingdom Series. You'll be held captive by a creative journey through a distant world that leads to God's Word...and a kingdom like no other."
- Tim Wesemann, author of Swashbuckling Faith: 
Exploring for Treasure with Pirates of the Caribbean

"Now, close your eyes and imagine all of this in a movie!" 
- Jess Stainbrook, Executive Producer Rivertree Films
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